Hamworthy Ballast Water Systems

Hamworthy’s range of AQUARIUS® ballast water management systems offer owners and operators a choice of ballast water treatment solutions.

Recognising that no one solution will be suitable across all ship types, sizes and environmental conditions, our dedicated ballast water research and development team have introduced a range of treatment solutions providing customers with greater flexibility in choice.

Our AQUARIUS® Ballast Water Management systems incorporate a two stage approach to efficiently manage ballast water treatment. The first stage involves filtration which is followed by a second stage treatment achieved through a choice of either Ultra Violet (AQUARIUS® UV) or Electro-Chlorination (AQUARIUS® EC).

Committed to supporting vessel owners and operators, Hamworthy can provide turn-key installation, assisting with or managing project planning, logistics, procurement, build, delivery, installation, commissioning and system training. This combined with our Global aftersales and service network provides prompt guidance and assistance throughout the complete lifecycle of our products.

Do you have several questions regarding ballast water management and what is involved in the upcoming legislation?

Our Q&A booklet provides information on the ballast water convention, ratification status, legislation dates, treatment standards, system & technology options, etc.

Using Hamworthy know-how, we aim to deliver safe, energy efficient technologies that meet both current and future expectations. By selecting a Hamworthy Ballast Water System customers are assured of our commitment in working together as one team, providing increased levels of protection for our environment.

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  • AQUARIUS™ - EC AQUARIUS™ - EC Ballast water treatment through a simple and efficient two-stage process involving filtration and Electro-Chlorination.
  • AQUARIUS™ - UV AQUARIUS™ - UV Ballast water treatment through a simple and efficient two stage process involving filtration and Ultra Violet.